Blacksmith's Hammer

Less expensive hammers, such as this Stanley, can be found at your local hardware store.  A flea market can be even cheaper if you know your prices.

Peddinghaus Anvil

The intent of hand forging is to produce a quality item since the metal grain structure is improved by the forging process itself.  It makes sense then that all tools used to forge should be forged themselves.  Peddinghaus is one of the few that drop forges the upper and lower part of their anvil then forge welds the two halves together at the waist.  Manufactured by the Ridge Co in Germany for the Ridgid Tool company originally in Elyria Ohio.

Quality Files

Good quality files, such as this 14 inch second cut made in the USA, are becoming more difficult to acquire.  If you find a good source, get a few different types, 14 inch bastard cut, 14 inch second cut, 12 inch half round, 10 inch square, 10 inch triangular, and a 10 inch round.  You will also need handles to prevent injury.

Bar-B-Que / Forge

This forge is from an old stand and an agricultural disk.  Not pictured is a piece of black pipe which inserts from underneath and ends in a cap at the bottom of the disk.  The cap is drilled with holes to allow air to blow on the fuel.  A hair dryer works as a modern bellows.  The disk will eventually rust through especially if left out in the rain, but an old discarded disk can be had for cheap.

Leather Apron

Personal protective equipment, is important.  Wear long trousers, thick leather boots, a leather apron, gloves especially one on your tong hand, safety glasses, and earplugs.  Long sleeves made of cotton are preferable to short sleeves to prevent burns.

ASO- Anvil Shaped Object

Your first anvil need not be fancy or expensive.  After all why spend a lot of money when you are uncertain if this hobby is for you?  Pictured is a section of salvaged light-rail, but any hunk of metal will do.

A Vice Is Nice

Four legged vice

Pictured above is a superlative 4-legged post vice, by Ponderosa Forge located in Sisters, Oregon.  In its jaws is a marilinspike.  A vice is not necessary for the beginning blacksmith.  When you have learned some basic skills a less-expensive machinist’s vice can be purchased from Harbor Freight.